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Campus Templates





PowerPoint Templates

These templates are designed to help campus communicators create professional presentations that consistently represent the university to internal and external audiences. Download the template by double clicking on the image. Paste your presentation into the shell.

Alma Mater Blue

Alma Mater Blue PowerPoint template

Alma Mater Orange

Alma Mater Orange PowerPoint template


Altgeld PowerPoint template

Foellinger Blue

Foellinger Blue PowerPoint template

Foellinger Grayscale

Foellinger Grayscale PowerPoint template

Foellinger Orange

Foellinger Orange PowerPoint template

Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall PowerPoint template

Illini Union

Illini Union PowerPoint template

Campus Introductions

The First Ten Minutes

An engaging introduction to the campus featuring pictures and text that any speaker can use, either as a stand-alone presentation or as the first ten minutes in a longer, unit-specific presentation. Download the zip file.

First 10 minutes preview 1 first 10 minutes, interior page

The First Ten Minutes-Technology

An overview to the campus that focuses on technology that is designed to be used as a brief, stand-alone presentation or as an introduction to a longer, unit-specific presentation. Those with questions or who need assistance integrating it with your materials should contact Todd Wilson, 333-4059 or Download the zip file.

First Ten Minutes-Technology, PowerPoint home page slide First Ten Minutes-Technology, interior page PowerPoint slide

More Information about the First Ten Minutes

Contact Todd Wilson at 333-4059 or