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image of art student installing her sculpture on the quad



Photoshop Templates for Twitter Backgrounds

The following files may be downloaded and customized by campus units for use as Twitter backgrounds. You must own a copy of Adobe Photoshop to use the backgrounds. Only official campus units may use the backgrounds.

What's Inside

The download contains a .png of the I Mark customized for use as a Twitter icon image and a layered Photoshop file which may be used to update the name of the campus unit and export an image sized to fit the standard Twitter background.

The images in the template also can be replaced by campus unit-specific images and exported at the correct size to fit a standard Twitter background size.

The Twitter interface is shown on the following previews solely for illustration purposes and is not contained in the template download.

How to Download

Click on the images to download the templates.

Best Practices for Social Media

Information about best practices for social media at Illinois.

Campus Twitter Feeds

View a list of campus Twitter feeds.

Alma Mater

Blue Alma Background

Altgeld Hall

Altgeld Hall Twitter background

Hallene Gateway - Blue

Hallene Gateway - blue

Hallene Gateway - OrangeHallene Gateway - Orange