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Emergency Web Alert System

The Emergency Web Alert System (EWAS) is a component of the campus Illini-Alert system and allows Public Safety to post emergency messages on all participating campus websites. By campus policy, the system will be activated only under significant and imminent threat of death, great bodily injury or significant property damage.

The ultimate goal is to have every campus webpage display this universally accessible alert. This requires the participation of every campus unit.

Pages required to include the EWAS coding include:

Pages encouraged to include the EWAS coding:

All units on the Illinois campus are asked to identify webpages that are used by large numbers of their on-campus constituents as an entry point to online (bookmarked pages). These pages should include the EWAS coding.

Content, process and code


The alert will include a brief summary of the immediate emergency and a link to an emergency status page with more detailed information.


In an emergency, Public Affairs will post an alert through EWAS.  When the user clicks on a properly coded page, a red message box will display that states the nature of the emergency and links to more information. When the alert message is closed, the emergency status page will open in a new browser window. Each subsequent alert will be displayed when it is posted and the information on the emergency status page will be updated.

View an example (image only) of the emergency alert.


Insert a <script> tag immediately before the closing </body> tag on Web pages or templates to display the alert when it is posted. If no alert is posted, nothing will display and the pages will function normally.

The tag to insert for http:// pages is:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The tag to insert for https:// pages is:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

How will Webmasters know if the tag is inserted correctly?

You can test by inserting a temportary testing <script> tag. This test is functional and behaves exactly like the live <script>. If you see an alert, it is inserted correctly. If you minimize the alert you will need to clear your cookies to redisplay the message. If you use this testing script, be sure to change back to the live script when you are finished.

The test script to insert is:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

How to change the position of the popup boxes

To change the placement of the emergency popup box add the following CSS to your page changing the "top" and "left" to the desired position:

.ewas-alert-box { top:50px; left:0px; }

To change the placement of the emergency minimized box add the following CSS to your page changing the "top" and "right" to the desired position:

.ewas-mini-box { display: block; right: 0px; top: 0px; }

Need Assistance?

The Office of Web Services is available to answer questions. Please contact Web Services using this form or call (217) 244-8639 (voicemail not available on this phone).