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Captioning Ensemble Video Using YouTube and a Transcript

NOTE: While this process will create a time-coded file using a transcript, more work usually needs to be done to make the captions fully accessible. This includes breaking sentences correctly, indicating who is speaking, and correctly identifying music and lyrics, among other requirements. More information about best practices for captioning online video may be found in this PDF from the Described and Captioned Media Program and WGBH's Media Access Group Web page on captioning styles and conventions. This method works best for video where there is only one speaker and there are no sound effects, music, or offstage voices.

This process only works for videos shorter than 10 minutes. You must have an active YouTube account.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tt xmlns=""
xmlns:tts="" xml:lang="en">
<body id="thebody" style="defaultCaption">
<div xml:lang="en">
<p begin="0:00:03.89" end="0:00:09.25">We were very surprised at how easy it was.</p>
<p begin="0:00:09.25" end="0:00:16.99">Four step process to get the video up there, compared to some other products we'd looked at, which you had to hop around and go to multiple sites.</p>