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Welcome to Eweek, a service from Public Affairs. Eweek is a weekly email newsletter with brief summaries of campus announcements of general interest to faculty and staff members of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Eweek is sent by email each Sunday at 3 a.m. Any faculty or staff member at Illinois can submit a post to eweek.

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Deadline - For full consideration, items must be submitted by noon Friday.

Official business only - A post must be an official announcement sponsored by a university or campus department or unit. Personal, commercial and other non-university posts are not appropriate. With the exception of the official campus charitable fundraising drive, posts aimed at fundraising or revenue-generating matters are generally not appropriate.

Accessibility accomodations - Faculty and staff submitting items for publication in Eweek should remember that their event or program must be accessible to those with disabilities.

Not for publicizing common campus events - Eweek is not a replacement for the campus calendar. It's not an appropriate medium for routine publicity for common campus events, including lectures, performances, athletic events, etc.

Once is enough - Normally, an item should appear in only one Eweek mailing.

Editing - The editors reserve the right to clarify announcements.

Manage your subscription - Users may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Contact us - Contact the Eweek editors.