Procedure to Submit Video Programming for Consideration

Any person may submit programming. While preference may be given to those affiliated with the University of Illinois, UI-7 is open to airing content submitted by community members, as long as the guidelines and policies are met.

To submit a program for consideration, complete this submission request form.

Your responsibilities:

By submitting video, you agree that you're responsible for securing all necessary permissions, that you have obtained them, and that the University can remove the image in its sole discretion at any time. Each submitter grants the University a non-exclusive license to use, publish, display, reproduce, and distribute the submitted images and video, in whole or in part. All rights to the original work are retained by the copyright holder.

Every person submitting video should consider what permissions and signed releases need to be obtained. Faculty and staff members, acting in an official capacity and as an agent of the University of Illinois, should be especially mindful of those requirements. Guidelines with links to campus model, talent, and location release forms and downloads are on this Web page. UI-7 does not pay for programming. The person submitting the video is responsible for getting the content to the Coordinator.

Disclaimers will be used before and after programs if the UI-7 Coordinator determines it necessary to do so:

"The content and opinions presented in this program are not necessarily those of UI-7, the University of Illinois, or the cable provider. The University of Illinois does not condone or endorse speech that promotes fear, hatred, prejudice, or discrimination toward any group based on religion, ethnicity, race, gender, or sexual orientation."

"This program is considered to be of mature theme and, therefore, may be considered offensive to some viewers. Viewer/parental discretion is advised."

To submit a program for consideration, complete this submission request form.

Procedures for Submitting Bulletins

Any not-for-profit organization in a local viewing area may submit a slide (or "bulletin") as a way to advertise and promote an upcoming event, website, or program. Bulletins will run between scheduled shows on UI-7.

To submit a bulletin, submit a high-quality image file (.jpg). Click to download an example.

If working in PhotoShop, please use the "Film & Video" preset.

    Image specifications needed:
  • Dimensions: 720 pixels wide x 480 pixels tall
  • Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
  • Color: RGB
  • Background: Must use a solid color background, not transparent

When creating content for the slide, all text and images must have a 1-inch margin around all edges (PhotoShop will show a “safe zone” in the Film & Video pre-set – all text should be within the inner-most frame).
All text should be at least 18 point or larger. Bullet points and headlines work better than full sentences or paragraphs.
When completed, e-mail to with the range of dates to display the slide.


Questions or comments should be directed to:

Chris Lukeman
UI-7 Coordinator
Public Affairs

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