UI-7 Productions

UI-7 Productions offers high-quality affordable video production services. UI-7 supports the educational mission of the campus by hiring and mentoring student videographers to shoot events, lectures, interviews, etc. This keeps your cost low, while giving students valuable experience.

UI-7 shoots and edits in full 1080i HD and delivers final products for clients on DVD, Internet and on-air formats.

Please browse our online library to view our past work.

If you are interested in hiring UI-7 to shoot your event, please email UI-7 Coordinator Chris Lukeman with details about your project.

What to expect: Our video process:

  • Initial discussion – UI-7 Coordinator and a project manager will discuss the event or scope of the project, including dates, goals, and timeline.
  • Proposal – The discussion will inform a detailed proposal, including a description of the project, an estimate of the cost, and deadlines.
  • Following client’s signature on the project proposal, we will schedule your video project and begin any necessary work in gathering sound, video, or images.
  • The UI-7 staff will discuss periodically with the client what is still needed or arrange for A/V set-up in the case of an event.
  • Once the event or other materials have been captured, UI-7 staff will begin editing.
  • UI-7 will post a ‘rough cut’ of the video online with (password-protected) for clients to review and request changes or revisions.
  • Once the video is completed, UI-7 will do a final export and conversion into multiple video formats, including burning DVDs (up to 5 copies) and posting the video online as requested. UI-7 will air the video at the request of the client.

video production image


video production image

Marketing/Promotional Videos

Due to the experience level of student employees, UI-7 Productions rarely produces promotional or marketing videos. For these types of projects, please consider using Public Affairs’ Video Services unit.