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Awards for Communications & Marketing Excellence





The 2015 ACME Awards for the following categories have been announced.

Meet the 2015 winners!

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Media Relations Award

Of all of the responsibilities communications professionals have, working with the media is the most challenging, and expectations by faculty and administrators are often quite high. The recipient has a thorough understanding of:

Crisis Communications Award

While promoting the excellence of Illinois to build the Illinois brand is the main function of communications professionals on campus, equally important is mitigating the potential negative ramifications of crisis situations. The Crisis Communications Award will be given to a communications professional who:

Team Player Award

The Team Player Award recognizes outstanding (and often heroic) efforts to respond to cries for help, requests for random information and desperate calls for suggestions from Public Affairs and Campus Administration. Nearly without exception, these requests come without warning, on tight deadlines and usually, with no direct reward. The Team Player exemplifies a commitment to putting the good of the campus first. Basically, this award is presented to an individual or team whose first question just always seems to be, "What can we do to help make Illinois a better University?" Some Examples of Team Player activities:

Branding Leadership Award

A university’s brand is more than a logo or tag line—it’s lived through the actions of its internal stakeholders. This award recognizes an individual who acts as an ambassador for the Illinois brand by:

Innovation in Marketing Award

The recipient will have shown creativity in the use of new media and/or other vehicles to promote a unit, its events and news. The materials produced will have been compelling to the audience and will have reflected the excellence of the unit and the Urbana campus. The materials will 'brand up' through the use of the campus logo and by following Identity Standards guidelines.

Social Media Award

Building the Illinois brand on social media is more than just tweeting. Campus social media managers are called upon every day to be wordsmiths, graphic designers, archivists, photographers and videographers all while trying to share the story of Illinois excellence in short form. The Social Media Award will be given to an individual who:

Communicator of the Year Award

The recipient of this award exemplifies these outstanding qualities: