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Marketing Communications Internship Cooperative

The Marketing Communications Internship Cooperative seeks to identify and place quality students in internships with unit coordinators who are willing to train and mentor our students. Interns will gain real-world experience through project-based and day-to-day operational work in one of the communications offices at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Communicators Calendar

If you work on websites, flyers, marketing campaigns, PowerPoint presentations or interact with the media, you'll be interested in our workshops and training sessions. For full details visit the calendar.

Chief Communication Officers

Academic and outreach units across the Illinois campus have communications staff members who can provide expertise with marketing, communications, and media interactions. The chief communications officer (CCO) for your unit is a valuable resource and can provide advice as you plan and execute your communications strategy. See a list of CCOs.

Campus Communications Council

The Campus Communications Council (CCC) consists of about 300 campus professionals who are responsible for helping communicate with internal and/or external audiences. Anyone can be a member of CCC. Learn more.