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Information for Staff Coordinators

Sample Marketing Challenge #1

Please use the information below and create a list of solutions to help market to the students on campus. Be creative and briefly list ideas/methods for effectively targeting the audience and getting the important information to them. Then write a brief paragraph summarizing your goal, your solutions and why you think that it would be effective.


Stores & Receiving is happy to announce that the official campus computer store, located on the 1st Floor of the Illini Union, is open for business. We have changed everything except for the exclusive savings. Now named Illini Flash Drive, we have also changed our look to make it easier to shop while allowing us to display more equipment. Illini Flash Drive will continue to provide faculty, staff, students and alumni with educational pricing on computer equipment everyday. This translates into lower prices on all of your computer needs, including:

All equipment offered through Illini Flash Drive comes from brand names such as Apple, Dell and Hewlett Packard. The computer store will also offer service and technical support. Patrons may also place orders over the phone by calling one of the following numbers (800) 455-2365, (217) 244-7938, or (217) 244-0139.