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Marketing Communications INternship Cooperative





Information for Staff Coordinators

Guiding Principles

Participating unit coordinators must offer project-based work, so interns will have the opportunity build their resumes in substantial and meaningful ways. Interns will agree to treat their internships as professional positions and will be dismissed if they fall short of the expectations of the unit in which they are volunteering.

Participating in the Cooperative

Whether you have an established internship program or are starting from scratch, we encourage you to participate in the Cooperative. You'll benefit by increasing the number of potential applicants and students will benefit in that they'll have a coordinated, single place to view opportunities. Public Affairs will also provide periodic workshops, seiminars and networking opportunities for the interns.

Units wishing to participate must complete a short form, and if approved, the internship will be added to the listings page. Ths listings pages are intended to provide an overview of the opportunities, and students will be directed to the detailed information located on the hosting unit's site.

Starting an Internship Program

Many campus communications professionals have thought about hosting student internships, but the idea of starting from scratch can be overwhelming, not to mention the commitment involved with properly supervising and mentoring students. The good news is that we have a good number of our colleagues who have already tackled those issues, and we've gathered some of their advice and resources!

Sample Job Descriptions

Typically, you would write the job description for an internship as you would for an entry-level position. Remember that the more information you include, the more it helps the student decide if the position is a good fit for them. Sample descriptions listed below.

Sample: Communications Internship
Sample: Marketing Communications Internship

Sample Testing Materials

During or prior to the interview process, you might want to consider asking the candidate to participate in a problem-solving or writing exercise. A variety of sample exercises are listed below.

Marketing Challenge #1
Marketing Challenge #2
Press Release Challenge