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Frequently Asked Questions For STUDENTS

Do you have to be from a certain major, such as Communications, to apply?

While there is no general major requirement for the internship positions, the applicant should have an interest in a Communications related career i.e. writing, editing, graphic design, web design/maintenance, web programming, media relations and news writing, photography, event planning and research. Applicants are also expected to have strong writing skills, work independently, be a team player, use good judgment and exhibit time management.

Are there certain colleges or departments that offer these internships?

Many different campus units and departments may offer communications-related internships. Internships could be located in a wide range of areas, from Facilities & Services to the College of Business.

I'm interested in an internship, but I'm worried about managing that with my coursework. How do I find a balance?

While the internships are structured, unit coordinators will ensure that your work schedule is a good fit with your class schedule and studies.

What is the minimum G.P.A. accepted?

The G.P.A. requirement may vary depending on the internship. Generally, the applicant must be in good academic standing with the University. The applicant will be expected to perform in a professional manner as well as consult with the unit coordinator if the work load is overwhelming. The unit coordinator will work to ensure the internship projects are a good fit with class schedules and studies.

Are the internships open to students who are freshman and sophomores?

The class standing requirements may vary depending on the internship.

Are the Marketing Communication internships paid?

Many internships are unpaid. Internships are designed to offer you the opportunity to gain valuable, real-world experience that will prepare you for your career. However, there may be paid internship opportunities available based on the needs of the hiring unit. Details regarding each specific internship will be included in the position posting.

Can I earn course credit for an internship?

The majority of internships do not offer course credit. Internships are designed to be a supplement to your studies rather than a substitute for credit. In some special cases, course credit may be available for an internship, but those details will be determined by the department or unit offering the position.

What types of work would I do?

The Marketing Communication Internship Cooperative is designed to offer professional experience in areas related to marketing and communications, including writing, editing, graphic design, web design, website maintenance, media relations, alumni relations, and related categories. The specific projects that you will work on will depend on the department’s needs and the types of work available.

What is the internship work schedule? How many hours per week will I be working at the internship?

Internships are designed to fit within your academic schedule. Schedules will vary by the type of work, your schedule, and the scheduling needs of the department/unit. Internships should generally require no more than 8-12 hours of your time per week. Specific scheduling arrangements would be made between you and the department or supervisor.

What kinds of skills should I demonstrate to be considered for an internship?

Some abilities that all applicants should have include strong writing and communications skills, a desire to work hard, a willingness to work individually and as part of a team or group, excellent time management skills, and a professional attitude toward the position. The required skill set you bring to your internship will depend on the position and the department posting the position.

How do I apply for an internship?

The first step is to find an internship opportunity that meets your career goals by visiting the listings page and viewing the available positions. Submitting your application for an internship will be very similar to applying for any professional position. You should prepare a cover letter and resume, and your cover letter should indicate your interest in the internship and why you are a strong candidate. Other details or questions for you to address will be covered in the position listing.

How do I learn about new internship opportunities as they arise?

It's easy to stay informed of new intership listings. Simply subscribe to the Internship Board here.

What are the advantages of doing an internship with the Marketing Communications Internship Cooperative?

One of the key benefits of the Internship program is the opportunity to add professional experience to your resume while earning your degree. By doing so, you will have a significant advantage when you enter the job market, having developed skills in a professional setting. It can also provide you with valuable networking opportunities and references.

Will I be working by myself or with others?

Depending on the department and position, you may spend time working on projects by yourself, with a small group, or with a large team of people. For more details, check the internship listing(s) for which you are applying.

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