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Information for Students

Internship Opportunities

The Marketing Communications Internship Cooperative offers real-world experience by working in a campus communications office. Internships also help build your resume and demonstrate your commitment and work ethic to potential employers. Your experience will always provide a competitive advantage in building your career and contacts.

Students who participate in the internship program must agree to treat their internships as professional positions. Participants must be able and willing to handle project-based work, as well as day-to-day operations. While the internships are structured, unit coordinators will ensure that your work schedule is a good fit with your class schedule and studies.

The internship opportunities will vary, and may be unpaid, paid, or offered for credit. More details are available in the individual listings. You can subscribe to the listings board to be notified by email when new listings are added or updates are made.

General Requirements and Eligibility

All participants must be able to work independently as well as with a team. Creativity is a plus, and a willingness to work hard is a must. Internship participants should bring strong skills in writing, time management, judgment and, depending on the specific position one or more of the following areas:

How to Apply

The application process and deadlines will vary from internship to internship. The details will be covered in the individual descriptions. However, most will require you to submit a professional resume and a cover letter. The Career Center offers guidance on putting together compelling application materials at their Web site:
Writing Resumes
Writing Cover Letters