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Best Practices for University Events and Programs

To help ensure accessibility in all programs, courses and events at the University of Illinois, the following accessibility guidelines are strongly encouraged for any event, symposium or meeting.

1. Publications should include the following statement or its equivalent:

"Alternative accessible formats of this document can be obtained upon request by contacting (name, host department) at (phone number, e-mail)."

Incorporate this statement into e-mail messages if mailed as an attachment of post on Web site as appropriate.

2. Registration materials and program announcements, which include bulletins, fliers, brochures, letters, public service announcements, or other materials used to inform the public of the event or program should also include the following statement:

"If you will need disability-related accommodations in order to participate in this program/event, please contact (name, host department) at (phone number, e-mail). Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs."

Note: A program may designate a date by which it would like to receive accommodation requests. However, a program may not refuse to provide an accommodation because the request was not made by the designated deadline. The program must try to provide the accommodation.

3. If the event includes a meal, the registration materials should include the following statement:

"If you have special dietary needs, please contact (name, host department) at (phone number, e-mail)."

Disability Access Questions for the Program/Speaker

Has an interpreter or CART stenographer been contracted to attend?

Will a video be shown?

Will there be a PowerPoint presentation?

Will printed materials be handed out?

Is the site of the program/event accessible?

Have potential accomodation expenses been considered in event budget planning?

Event Planning Accessibility Resources

Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services
ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities
Department of Transportation Disability Resource Center

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