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Guest lists

To invite university senior leadership such as the provost, chancellor, president, or any member of the board of trustees (including the governor) to an event, please visit: Questions may be directed to the Office of Special Events at (217) 333-8834.

To invite any member of the Illinois legislature or other governmental entity, call Government Relations at (217) 333-1086.

To invite an international government official, call the Associate Provost for International Affairs at (217) 333-6014. You must do this to assure that international protocol is followed.

Out-of-town speakers and honorees

Examples: gift basket, flowers, fruit basket, briefing materials, books and/or artwork by faculty members, campus-branded products. The campus car pool has some designated, insured cars that can be used to transport non-university guests. Ask for one of these cars when making a reservation. If none are available, you may rent a car from an outside agency.

Speaking order

At a major event, the correct order for speakers is:

  1. Member of the University of Illinois board of trustees (to introduce the governor)
  2. Governor of Illinois
  3. President of the University of Illinois
  4. Chancellor of the Urbana campus
  5. Provost of the Urbana campus
  6. Dean
  7. Department head

However, try to limit the number of speakers to keep the program focused and interesting.

Briefing materials

The event host and speaker(s) should receive briefing materials three to four days before the event. These should include:

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