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Event Planning Resources


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Get advice from professionals

Laura Wilhelm-Barr
Chancellor’s Office, Director of Special Events
(217) 333-8834

Anna Simon
Chancellor’s Office, Associate Director of Special Events
(217) 333-8834

Campus Police
(217) 333-1216

Facilities & Services
(217) 333-0340

International Engagement
(217) 333-1993

Campus Resources

Facilities & Services Public Functions

The Public Functions unit of Facilities & Services works with any campus department and registered student organization to plan the infrastructure support for large and small special events. Services include event set-up of tables, chairs, lecterns, etc., AV equipment rental, plant rental, transportation services, and parking services.
(217) 333-1490.

Conferences Services

Conference Services, part of the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning, provides assistance with all aspects of conference planning and execution, from program development to post-conference wrap-up. Call (217) 333-2880 or e-mail

Facility Management and Scheduling

Academic and administrative units must reserve general classroom space for events through the Office of Facility Management and Scheduling.
(217) 333-1230.

Special Events Advisory Committee

The Special Events Advisory Committee provides education about policies and rules of practice regarding the use of University facilities. Event organizers are encouraged to consult with the Committee when a proposed event involves multiple campus venues, has potential risk factors, or presents other concerns for campus. For more information, contact Kristin McMurray at or (217) 244-4334.

CITES ClassRoom Technologies

Classrooms of varying capacities equipped with Integrated Teaching Systems (ITS) and Language Video Cabinets (LVC) are available for use for events that support the academic mission of the university. While classroom space is reserved through Facility Management and Scheduling, CITES ClassTech can grant access to and instruction on the technology resources.
(217) 333-8165.

Student Volunteers

At certain events, you might consider enlisting student volunteers to serve as informal greeters, to assist with name tags, tours, programs, and general set up. Possible sources of student assistance include your college’s student advisory group, the Alumni Association Student Ambassadors, and the Illini Pride (for events with an athletic focus).

Publicize and Promote Your Event

Review descriptions of campus-level outreach vehicles, both web and print, produced by Public Affairs' units, that may help you reach your audiences.

News Bureau
(217) 333-1085

Creative Services
(217) 333-9200