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Planning Your Marketting


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Your Action Plan: A Step-By-Step Process

After developing your messages and generating ideas for your marketing plan, it’s time to craft an action plan that includes goals, strategies, tactics, who’s responsible, measurable outcomes (metrics), and methods for tracking progress.

Your first step is to bring together a core group of administrators and staff who should be aware of the marketing plan and who may be assigned responsibility for tasks. Begin by asking your group to review information generated from the marketing plan development process.

Collaborate as a group to:

Using a matrix similar to the one below, develop a one- to two-year working plan tied to your unit’s overall goals. Focus on top priorities first, choosing the audiences and marketing methods that align with those priorities in order to invest new resources in effective areas. Develop a plan that includes the following information.

Your Action Plan
I. Goal Define reasonable goals given time, activity level, and other resources
II. Strategy Each strategy ties to a goal and an audience
  Typically no more than 3-5 strategies per goal
III. Target Audience(s) Who will be impacted by the following action?
IV. Action or Tactic for Communications Plan Each action ties to a strategy
  Usually tied to an audience or targeted market
  Typically no more than five actions per strategy
V. Assigned To Set responsibilities for actions and tactics
VI. Desired Long-Term Outcomes Measurable and achievable within the funding cycle
  Highly valued
VII. Measures or Metrics At least one metric tied to each strategy
  Capatilize on existing data
  Use naturally occurring data collection points
  Try to capture recurring measures
  Make sure data is reliable and valid
  Use as a baseline for change

Implement the action plan and evaluate progress every three months.