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Developing Print Materials


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On-campus design and writing services

Creative Services is an in-house advertising agency for campus units, offering conceptual, writing, and graphic-design services at competitive rates. Creative Services produces a variety of campus publications, including student and faculty recruitment materials, development packages, alumni magazines, and annual reports. Working with an on-campus unit ensures consistency and coordination with campus branding efforts.

Off-campus design and writing services

The Purchasing Office maintains a list of preferred vendors for Professional and Artistic Services. The listings include agencies, firms, and freelance individuals who provide services for photography, copywriting, graphic design, web design, and video services, If you choose vendors from the Purchasing Office's preferred-supplier list, in most cases you won't need Purchasing to write a contract, since preferred suppliers already have a university contract for up to $250,000. View the full list of vendors.

Tips for working with design firms

Whether you hire Creative Services or another firm, these tips will increase your chances for a successful collaboration while minimizing your costs.

Contracting for services

Information and resources to get your job through the university purchasing process as quickly as possible.

Creating your own materials

Going it alone means you'll need to write and design your materials, and work with a professional printer to get it produced. Here's some help for getting you through these processes.