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Developing Web Sites


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Web Project Management Guide

Setting goals
Time estimates and team members
Content review and development
Site structure and navigation
Finalizing timeline and content
Visual design development
Production and proofing
Launch and maintenance

Time Estimates and Team Members

Creating time estimates, outlining your timeline, and identifying your team members helps ensure that everyone is aware of their role on the team and is aware of the time commitment involved. Time estimates begin with a review of key factors:

Coordinating Your Team

Listed below are eleven team-member functions. These responsibilities may be divided between any number of colleagues, so the list is not meant as a definitive number of people required to do a good job.

Create the project timeline

It's critical to get estimates from each team member regarding how long it will take them to accomplish their individual tasks (see the visual timeline). The most commonly made mistake at this point is for managers to guess (innacurately) about the team's time. Count on the team to give you their best estimates--and then require that they meet them.

Next step: Content review and development