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Developing Web Sites

Workflow Example A: The Provost's Office

In this example, there's a client, an editor, a designer, and a production person. The client deletes outdated content and adds new material. The editor reviews for voice, consistency, and accuracy. After edits are approved by the client, the content is frozen, and files go to design and production.

As pages are produced, they're reviewed by the designer for visual consistency, accessibility, and proper HTML, and by the editor for link viability, typos, and missing content. When they're approved by the editor and designer, they go back to the client for approval.

Provost's Office (client)

Reviews page, makes content updates, mails documents to OPM for editing.

Creative Services editor

Edits files for web readability and consistency, sends changes back to client.

Provost's Office (client)

Reviews and responds to edits and comments.

Creative Services design and production

Content is turned into HTML. Third-level pages are plugged into template by production and reviewed by design. First- and second-level pages finalized.

Creative Services editor

Proofs pages.

Provost's Office (client)

Approves final pages.

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