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Developing Web Sites

Workflow Example B: Campus Web Site

In this example, there are two editors and two departments (design and production) who produce the pages. Since the pages are being created almost from scratch, editor 1 is writing and editor 2 is reviewing for voice and consistency.

Editor 1

Completes form, including page text, posts document to folder on the server. Prints document and routes paper to editor 2.

Editor 2

Edits and/or comments in document on server. Routes paper back.

Editor 1

Reviews and responds to edits and comments, indicates below whether this is a template page, routes accordingly. (Send text to design as an e-mail, not as a Word document.)


Incorporates text into custom design. Consults with editorial and production departments as necessary. Routes paper back to editor 1, with link to designed page.

Editor 1

Reviews designed page; if no design changes requested, routes to production.


Creates page in HTML template. Posts page to test server. Routes paper back to editor 1 with link to test page for proofing.

Editor 1

Proofs page on test server. If OK, moves file to production server, and puts paper copy in file cabinet.

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