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Web Services offers a variety of tools to help with online and electronic communications. Below is an overview of their growing suite of applications within the "Toolbox." These applications or "tools" can replicate your site's current look and navigation as individual web pages, or can be incorporated as "widgets" or elements to your current web pages.

They also offer other communication venues for emailing, surveying and soliciting information forms for marketing and communication needs. Training sessions for these are offered monthly online.

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Calendar iconCalendars

The calendar tool lets you create two types of calendars. Event calendars allow you to add individual events into a unique calendar. Individual events can also be emailed. Master calendars allow you to join event calendars into a master calendar. They can be wrapped in a "skin" or template provided by WebTools or can be customized to match your web site. Each calendar can be displayed privately, group-accessed, or shared with the world. Items from department calendars can be combined into a college calendar using the master calendar option. Your calendar events which have campus-wide appeal can be added to the campus master calendar.

blog iconBlogs

The Webtools Blog is set up to let post communications to your audience with an option for them to comment.  This application has three homepage display options: most-recent post, by summary or list (discussion board threads). It can be 'skinned' to match your site, or take on a whole new format. Users can subscribe and comment, by adjusting your settings. Tags and categories are available for users to search your posts. Widgets allow you to include them in your web site and match your stylesheets.

surveys iconSurveys

Surveys help you create questionaires to support university-related business and give you measurable results. You can create public, internal, private and secured surveys. Generate reports for your form at anytime: available in both Excel and PDF format. Surveys ARE anonymous (Netids WILL NOT be identified in any report. To collect netids,the additional link to a secured form file must be included). IRB Notice: research surveys need approval from the campus Institutional Review Board in advance.

Forms iconForms

Forms help you collect information: registrations, reservations, applications, checkouts and more for university-related business. You create the field-types with a question-format (short answer, check boxes etc.) and designate the desired responses. Forms may be university-secured, group secured, or public. Results can be viewed as they arrive, and downloaded as a spreadsheet or PDF. Forms can be created by any faculty, staff, and students.

Ecards iconEmail Plus iconeMAIL+ (includes Ecards)

Send eNewsletters, ecards and promotions using the Email+ with Ecard option. Skins have been created give you a variety of formats and designs to suit your needs. Group Manager is your go-to storage for email groups, allowing easy access via Email+. Variables can be included to personalize if first and last names are added to your groups. Test your email, and the send immediately or schedule your mailing. Ecards are designed for text-only editors, so you can pick the design to suite your needs. All have a reporting option that lets you know when they're opened and what's being clicked and images can be uploaded to include in your content.

Skin Designer iconSkin Designer

The Skin Designer allows any faculty, staff, or student create skins (HTML templates) that can be used by any WebTool page. Web pages, newsletters, ecards, etc can be created for electronic delivery or online display. Skins can have unit and department access so that designated individuals and groups have access. Choose from our campus-related options or create your own skin to match your website or online presence. Need help with your skin? Just use the Contact Us link and we will help you set up the skin that is just right for you.

List Builder iconList builder

List Builder is a display device with variable options. Traditionally designed to build lists or "components," you can now create slideshows, rotating text, navigation and more. Just drop the generated javascript include into your website and you can edit the content without accessing the html. To manage your list, add items (images, files, links, copy) with the option to publish right away, schedule or save for later. Choose your events from your lists, apply formatting (skin and layout), choose your groups, even personalize it...and send it out.

Group Manager iconGroup Manager

The Group Manager provides two main benefits: creating groups for electronic distribution and security privileges. Any faculty, staff, or student can create groups for distributing info or giving different levels of security to WebTools files. Variables can be included to personalize if first and last names are added to your groups. The Group Manager also features an auto subscribe/unsubscribe process so groups can be self-managing.

File Manager

Upload your files: images, pdfs, docs, video and audio files to File Manager to host them. File manager gives you a URL to reference these files, and allows you to post them online for public or private access. You can share the project with individuals or groups, via the Group Manager.

massmail iconMassmail

Massmail provides a convenient web interface to submit and distribute essential emails to large campus audiences. Students, faculty and staff can submit requests for Massmail on the Urbana-Champaign campus subject to administrative approval. Massmail delivery is not guaranteed to reach all individuals on campus immediately due to frequency and access of the recipients to email. As a rule, Massmail delivers messages essential to most* students, staff, or faculty.

*Some campus members do not fall into these categories, and may not receive Massmail messages.


Eweek is a weekly newsletter with brief announcements of interest to the campus at-large. For official business only, faculty and staff can submit a post through Webtools. Submissions are accepted based on campus appeal and relevance to the campus audience. Editors reserve the right to clarify announcements. Click here for more information.

Short URL

The Short URL allows you to take a long URL and create a short one that points to it. Short URLs are great for print or emailing or displaying on a Web page. If the long URL changes, simply update it in the Toolbox; no need to reprint marketing material or resend emails. It also has a reporting feature that lets you know when the link has been clicked.

Campus Map

The Campus Maps can be displayed on your website in two ways:
– via Skin Designer: to add the map to your skin, go to the Applications tab, select Map, edit Map to set your width.
– Insert this code into your webpage and set the height, width, and building ID:

<p><a target="_blank" href=";buildingId=369">View Larger Map</a></p>

<iframe width="700" scrolling="no" height="650" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>


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