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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Technical Support

General Questions

How can I gain access the Database?
If you are a member of the campus community and are looking for images to use on materials meant for the promotion of the University and its programs, send an email to Include your first and last name and the email address you would like to use for your user name. You will receive an “invitation” via email from Public Affairs via Photoshelter. Click on the url in the invitation. When you arrive at the home page for the Database, choose Sign Up and create a free account. You should now be able to access the Database.

Who has access to the Database?
Anyone on campus who wishes to use the photos for the purpose of promoting the University and its programs.

What does Public Affairs charge for use of the images?
The images in the Database are free as long as they are not used on merchandise that will be sold for a profit. (see policies)

Do I need to credit the photos I use from the Database?
No photo credit is required.

How can I add my own images to the database?
We appreciate your interest in helping to increase our stock of images in the database. Our goal is to provide high-quality, unique images that can be used to reflect the excellence of Illinois on Web sites, printed materials, presentations and other communications pieces, with little or no impediments to usage, legal or otherwise. To that end, these are the submission requirements:

Images that include people must have talent releases for those pictured. Releases must be similar to the release recommended by UI legal counsel:
Images must meet the minimum file size requirement (approximately 12" x 18" at a resolution of 240 pixels per inch).
All images must be fully captioned with description of the location, activity and identities of individuals and/or objects included.
Individual images must meet the quality deemed necessary to represent campus by the Illinois Image Database administrator and advisory staff.
This process is necessary to protect the university legally and to maintain the standard of quality. Please email the Database administrator at to discuss submissions.

I have some suggestions for new images that I’d like to share. How should I do that?
Please contact the Database administrator at

Technical Support

I set up an account and password but when I log in, I see Photoshelter images instead of the Illinois Image Database. What's wrong?
In order to view and download from the Image Database, you need to obtain access from Public Affairs. The process is easy! Email with your first and last name and your email address. (Be sure to read the policies of the Database before using the images.)

Photoshelter doesn’t seem to recognize my email address when I try to log in.
The most common reason for this is that Photoshelter will only recognize your email address if it is written exactly the way it was put into the system when you were granted access. If you were added before the switch to, you will need to use your email address. Also, if your invitation is for or, you will need to be sure to type your log in exactly that way.

I never received my e-mail "invitation" to view and download from the Database.
It could be that your e-mail client registered your invitation as junk mail. You should either check your spam box or visit the log in page ( and try to sign up using the email address you provided when you requested your invitation. If that doesn’t work, contact