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Public Affairs administers several outreach vehicles to deliver campus messages to key constituents. These are available to any unit communicator who has an appropriate idea, feature story, news item, announcement, etc. Campus communicators should also consider using the University of Illinois administration communication options.

Campus Homepage

The Illinois homepage ( is designed to reach every possible campus audience and must offer both intuitive navigation and information that demonstrates the breadth of excellence across the campus. Some of the specific vehicles on the home page include:

Homepage Header Image

Images selected for use as the banner image at the top of the campus homepage are carefully chosen to reflect the unique excellence of the Urbana campus. While the header image may be related to news, discoveries, programs, or campuswide events on the Urbana campus, Public Affairs will also occasionally post images that simply reinforce the campus brand.

The header image should be:
a compelling image (high quality, tells a story and has strong visual appeal)
that works for the space (these images are thin and horizontal; submitted images should be at least 750 pixels wide)
with a link to more information (a news release or web page, in most cases).

To submit an image for the homepage header space, please use this form.


Community service messages that help people live, work, and study on campus. The primary audience is faculty, staff, and students. Announcements may be suggested using this Web Services Toolbox form.

Campus Featured Events Calendar

Items on the Featured Events Calendar (on the Campus Calendars index page) target campus constituencies and community members whose geographic proximity allows them to take advantage of events and activities held on campus. Calendar events can be suggested for inclusion using this Web Services Toolbox form.

Campus Highlights

Campus Highlights feature items of interest to the campus and beyond. Suggestions for Campus Highlights features can be suggested using this Webtools form.

A Minute With...

The popular "A Minute With..." feature is a brief interview with campus experts on timely topics in the news. It reflects both the relevancy of campus scholarship on society's critical issues, and the breadth of faculty and staff expertise. "A Minute With..." is produced by the News Bureau and topic suggestions can be sent to director Steve Witmer, (217) 333-1085.

UI Now

UI Now is the most up-to-date compendium of news being generated across the Illinois campus. It draws its content from RSS news feeds maintained by academic and other units, as well as from central sources, giving journalists and others the option of subscribing to the news feeds.

MoRE Public Affairs Outreach Vehicles

Campus Print Materials

Creative Services offers several print pieces which include campus wide information that would be of interest to external audiences. Materials include the Facts Brochure, Campus Profile, and Visitors Guide. They also sell blank note cards that feature images from campus. All products can be purchased through Creative Services. Contact Cheryl Tonkinson, (217) 333-9200.


EWeek is the faculty-staff announcement notice produced weekly by the News Bureau in the Office of Public Affairs and contains items of interest to the campus community. Subscribe/unsubscribe or submit an item.

@Illinois Newsletter

"@Illinois" is the monthly e-newsletter from the campus and the Alumni Association. The popularity of "@Illinois" is reflected in its growing list of subscribers, in excess of 140,000 alumni and friends. Contact Todd Wilson,(217) 333-4059.

Illinois In the News

Citations of Illinois news stories that appear in nationally and internationally prominent publications and broadcast media. A daily list of citations can be obtained via e-mail. Several campus units populate similar news citations on their own home pages by pulling from this list. Subscribe here.

Illinois on Social Media

The Illinois brand is well integrated into popular social media, including photographs, videos, campus events, student achievements, research discoveries, and news. Links to other social media vehicles are on the campus hompage. For all social media questions and suggestions, contact Meaghan Downs, (217) 300-7052.

Illinois on Facebook
Illinois on Twitter
Illinois on Instagram

News Releases

The News Bureau generates and coordinates news coverage of the Urbana-Champaign campus. They disseminate news and research stories to the news media through news releases. Contact Steve Witmer, (217) 333-1085.


Postmarks is a direct-mail, magazine-format publication for parents of undergraduates at Illinois. Published each spring and fall semester by Creative Services, Postmarks is widely read by parents and is especially focused on programs for students and students' own initiatives. For more information contact Libby Kacich, (217) 333-9200.

University ADministration Vehicles

View a list for central communication vehicles and those of the three campuses.