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Social Media Security Procedures





Campus Administrative Manual

These procedures are linked from the Campus Administrative Manual, policy III-26, Social Media Account Security.

Procedures Address Only the Assignment of Access and Administrative Rights

These procedures only address how the Urbana campus manages passwords, administrative rights and access levels to campus-level social media platforms and which offices have the responsibility to make these assignments on behalf of the chancellor of the Urbana campus. These guidelines do not impact content sharing or creation or any existing campus policies governing their use.

The current social media platforms covered by these protocols include: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest. As social media platforms continue to emerge and evolve, Public Affairs will adjust the administrative protocols as necessary according to the specific characteristics and uses of the platforms. These administrative protocols apply only to campus-administered accounts – not to those accounts managed by departments, units or colleges. However, Public Affairs recommends that units adapt these protocols for their units to promote broader security for the entire campus.

Procedures for Approval for Administrative Access

As set forth in Campus Administered Social Media Accounts Access and Administrative Rights Policy, CAM III-26, the Office of Public Affairs will coordinate approval of administrative access to campus-level social media accounts.  The Office of Public Affairs will consult with key campus social media stakeholders, such as VCAA, VCIA, VCSR, VCSA, in making such determinations.

Only designated individuals have the authority/responsibility to distribute information and content through these campus channels. The Office of Public Affairs will consider requests for administrative access on a platform-specific basis and requests for limited access on a case-by-case basis.

Requests can be made in writing by sending an email to In order to be granted any level of administrative access, individuals must demonstrate responsibility in one or more of these areas:

Management of Account Privileges/Assignment of Access

Top-level administrative rights for all official, campus-level accounts will be distributed among Public Affairs, Office of the Chief Information Officer and Office of Public Safety. This ensures multiple points of access to any of these accounts in any emergency situation and also ensures the rest of the campus community knows who to contact about these issues in any situation.