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University of Illinois SnapChat Policy






To tell the Illinois story – transformative learning experiences, societal impact, discovery, scholarship and innovation – as well as focus on admissions recruitment and communications through a primarily event-focused social media platform.

This account is to act as the single, campuswide university account, allowing the university to highlight individual units, colleges and student life rather than splinter off into separate Snapchat accounts.  

Primary audiences: Prospective Illinois students, ages 14-18, and current Illinois students
Content: Brief, behind-the-scenes snapshots of Illinois campus life, innovations and events. As a general rule, no more than 10-15 “snaps” per story.

How Often will it be Updated?

Since the campus Snapchat story will be event-based, we want content to be regular but not necessarily daily.

Who Manages the University of Illinois SnapChat Account?

The Office of Admissions and their staff will be the primary managers of the University of Illinois Snapchat account, with regular strategy and content assistance from the Office of Public Affairs should the need arise. U. of I. campus units and colleges — as well as students who complete the web form and are approved — will be able to submit ideas for Snapchat stories to highlight events and student life on the official University of Illinois Snapchat account through the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Admissions. Public Affairs will also be responsible for any crisis communication should the need arise.

Snapchat takeover process

  1. Fill out a Webtools form requesting access to the Snapchat main accounts.
  2. Short phone call or email with admins (either Admissions or Public Affairs) to work out when, where, how and how the story will be measured. Approval will either go through the Office of Admissions or Public Affairs, and both offices have the oversight to deny or accept submissions depending on if they meet communication goals.
  3. Block off date in shared calendar
  4. Public Affairs will create temporary password per each takeover, then reset the password to its original setting that only admins have access to.
  5. Admins from Public Affairs and/or the Office of Admissions will save Snapchat stories and share with takeover participants and with other admins for distribution. Admins will also measure how many views, screenshots and engagements their Snapchat story received at the conclusion of the event, as well as the number of Snaps taken.  
  6. If necessary, Snapchat stories should be shared and promoted on other social media platforms and uploaded to the campus YouTube channel.

Short url for web form for unit requests

Short url for web form for student requests
Snapchat handle name
Username: @uofillinois

Content creation

Although the Office of Admissions and Office of Public Affairs have creative oversight of the Snapchat account, Snapchat content may be created and curated by current students. Students will be selected by the Office of Admissions and/or Public Affairs or approved through the web form process. Each student will be prepped on expectations and guidelines for helping to manage the account on behalf of the university.


The success of a Snapchat story will be measured by the number of Snaps taken, the number of engagements with the Story, how many times it was first viewed and last viewed within 24 hours, as well as how many times certain segments of the story were screenshot. We will also take into account any analytics we get from posting Snapchat photos and videos to other social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Examples of potential Snapchat stories

Chancellor Senior Survey
Pi Day
Penny Dreadful Players takeover
Engineering Open House Tesla Coil concert
Want to takeover Snapchat? Pitch
Joining myIllini
Join myIllini
Reasons to Choose Illinois
April Fool’s homepage
College of Business Signing Day
Baby lambs at Vet Med

Questions? Contact Kalee Ackerman or Meaghan Downs.